Sander van Elferen is a drummer based in Den Haag (NL). Born in the Netherlands and raised in France, he went back to his country of origin to pursue his musical ambitions.

During his time at the Haarlem Conservatorium, he expanded his musical abilities and knowledge, all the while performing with multiple acts in the Netherlands and abroad, and doing his first gigs/recordings as session drummer. His passion for music, interest in different genres and constant desire to improve made him become a versatile and solid player.
Around that time, Sander also started teaching drums at Beatschool Den Haag and privately at the Scheveningse Muziekschuur, something he is still doing up to this day.

In 2018 Sander joined the Zappa tribute band Zappatika, featuring Frank Zappa’s original lead singer Ike Willis, and went on multiple tours over the next two years in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Since his graduation from the Conservatorium in 2019, Sander spends his time writing and/or performing music with acts like Temple Renegade, Zappatika, SpeakEasy, Tommy Brown, Grabbelton and Dreamwalkers Inc., recording and/or performing music for other artists as session drummer, teaching drums to people of all ages and level, and constantly working on his skills as a musician.